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"Thank you for your commitment to every translation project we ask of you."

Marian Pedrero, National Canning Center

Are you looking for a translation company with experience in the agri-food sector?
At AbroadLink, you will find a highly specialised translation service with:
  • Native translators with more than 5 years of experience in the industry
  • Premium services under ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 17100
  • Competitive and adapted rates
  • On-time Delivery Guarantee

Translation for the agri-food sector:
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AbroadLink supports the leading sector of the national economy: in 2018, Spanish exports of agrifood goods reached a turnover of 49,502 million euros, 16.9% of total exports.

This strength and size of the agri-food sector is largely due to the consolidation and diversification efforts of the companies. The highest sales volume is in Europe but has been increasing in the USA, China and Japan. Many Spanish companies are already aware of the potential of the Spain brand for the sector and that foreign markets are their main growth potential. This has led many companies, including SMEs, to embark on the internationalisation adventure by helping to increase the export of Spanish products.

Knowing how to respond to the expectations and specificities of new markets cannot be improvised, but requires a great capacity for innovation and adaptation to markets. Our professional translation services serve this objective for many companies, allowing them to bring their products with the guarantees of a company with great professionals.

Over the last fifteen years we have offered our professional translation services to large companies in the food industry, that is, both the food industry, with clients such as the Centro Tecnológico Nacional de la Conserva y Alimentación, Galletas Gullón, La finestra sul cielo, Tostaderos Sol de Alba, Congelados Caromar, as well as companies in the agricultural and phytosanitary sector such as Adesur, Agroterra, Pascual Hermanos...., having translated from advertising materials to technical documentation: websites, labelling (EU Regulation n°1169/2011), brochures, technical sheets, international tender specifications, quality management systems, ISO 22000 standard catalogues, blogs, codes of conduct, newsletters, press releases, reports, balance sheets, contracts, general sales conditions... And about a great diversity of products: biscuits, bread, fruit and vegetable products, ice cream, products from organic farming, sweets, nuts, frozen food..

Over the past fifteen years we have provided translations for the food and agriculture sector for companies such as Galletas Gullón and GS España.