Translation of Manuals


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"At AbroadLink we have always found a suitable and professional solution adapted to our needs."

Lourdes Serra, Mecano Continental

Translations of technical manuals:
consistency and accuracy

The export and import of capital goods requires translations that generate confidence. The quality and professionalism of your manuals tell your clients about your company.

There are three common characteristics to consider in the translation of manuals:

  • Technical manuals tend to have sections that are repeated in the manual and within the different manuals of product lines.
  • They usually contain a high number of partial matches in the same manual and between different manuals (an example of a high partial match can be found in paragraphs that are exactly the same except for the model of the product)
  • They can be found in many different formats such as Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress. In companies with a high production volume of manuals they can also be found in FrameMaker using advanced options for the efficient production of manuals.

With AbroadLink you can enjoy advanced management of manual translation with maximum reuse of repetitions and integration with the DTP process.

Technical Translation

The technical translation of your manuals requires native speakers who have significant experience in your field. At AbroadLink Translations we have a varied team of professional translators that we select for your projects according to their specialization. The management of your translations follows the processes of our quality manual for ISO-9001 and ISO-17100, and of ISO-13485 in the case of medical devices.