Technical Translation


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Technical translation includes all of the technical applications of the different industries: automation, manufacture of components, energy technology, manufacture of industrial equipment. Technical translation is therefore defined as an interdisciplinary field connected by the common elements of technical disciplines (physical principles, engineering applications, components and accessories).

The greatest complexity of technical texts is not found in the grammatical structures or syntactic complexity, but rather in the necessary comprehension of technical concepts and processes and in the use of the  appropriate jargon for each sector.

International branches or distributors for excellence in your translation process

Markets are ever changing and so is the terminology used in technical sectors. There are basic concepts that are common to a wide range of technical specialties which have a relatively slow terminological evolution, but, on the other hand, there are also technical terms which arise from marketing campaigns in order to give certain products a modern and current air. Even in the field of technical translation we can find that certain translations of products or components of leading technology can create new terms in order to differentiate products from those of the competition.

Faced with such a complex situation, companies wanting high quality translations with the added value that they can offer, must count on the terminology control process with the help of its branches in the target language countries or of international distributors, always within the possibilities of each company and the available resources. Technical translation, and in general, translation intended for business uses, requires an interactive process on different levels in order to achieve the most excellent results.

Types of documents in economic-financial translation

The types of documents most frequently found in the technical translation field are:

  • User manuals
  • Web sites
  • Safety data sheet
  • Product catalogues:
  • Patents
  • Tenders
  • Engineering projects
  • Training courses