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Travel and tourism translation: a challenge for your company

According to the World Tourism Organization, international tourism today occupies a prominent place in the world economy, representing 7% of exports of goods and total income is close to 1.26 billion dollars.

This exponential turnover is the result of many factors and the driving force behind this constant growth is the democratisation and diversification of the travel supply. According to Tourism Towards 2030, the number of international tourist arrivals should grow between 2010 and 2030 by about 43 million people per year. The challenges, clients and partners of the tourism professional are numerous and tend to become increasingly international. That is why effective communication is the key to success.

AbroadLink Translations: quality translation and localization

The experience acquired in the field of tourism translation has enabled AbroadLink Translations to assist national and international companies in optimising their distribution channels in order to respond effectively to changes in consumer behaviour. We are aware of the specific challenges of the sector: products and companies must be attractive, make you dream, inspire confidence and at the same time face a globalised offer. In order to safeguard and guarantee the homogeneity and coherence of your documents, we have chosen to use computer-assisted translation tools to harmonise content. Our translators are native speakers of the language into which they translate and are specialists in tourism marketing. They will therefore be able to adapt their media to the cultural specificity of the target audience and their codes. We translate numerous media:

  • Guides, brochures and catalogues
  • Maps, tourist or travel brochures
  • Magazines
  • Web sites
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Press releases
  • Reports, balance sheets
  • General terms and conditions of sale and contracts

Translations always by native translators

AbroadLink Translations has a team of professional translators, editors and proofreaders with experience in the health and medical sector.

"To obtain professional results at competitive prices, the use of appropriate language technology becomes indispensable."

We offer our clients a flexible translation process for dentistry related content. Offering translations under the ISO-17100 quality standard, with a second independent professional review and with the ISO-13485 standard with only translation.

The advantages of AbroadLink Translations

Whether you are a player in international tourism (general or specialised tour operator, travel agency, distributor, carrier, airline, hotel chain, coach or shipping company) or you simply wish to increase the visibility of your tourist destination for new markets (territorial community, tourist office, hotel, restaurateur, guide...)
AbroadLink Translations will design a personalized solution for your needs. You can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Consistent translations adapted to the target market, carried out by a team of experienced translators using the latest generation of CAT tools.
  • Option to add an additional quality control process to your projects.
  • Competitive prices thanks to discounts depending on the volume and the similarity or repetition of the text.
  • Timely delivery guarantee
  • Personalized access to our client area. Thanks to the secure protocol (https), your confidential information is protected. You can request quotes, send files, consult information on projects in progress or carried out through your personalised access.